A SPICE-y Weekend

MHS talent show provides entertainment from many students.


(from left) Maggie Calloway, Gabby Pagura, Emma Ilg, Cameron Olin, and Kristen Lyons perform as Sirens Friday night

Last Friday and Saturday night, 22 acts showcased their talents at SPICE. About 1050 people attended the two shows and in-school SPICE.

All participants in the show were thankful for the experience and had a wonderful time.

“It was an honor to be put in SPICE as a freshman. I got to meet so many new and talented people and experienced a lot of new things,” said Kristen Lyons, who performed in two acts of the show.  

Sophomore Trevor Kuehn was one of the many attendees of SPICE.

Kuehn said, “I really enjoyed Parking Lot Seagulls because they are a talented group and are very fun and entertaining to watch on stage.”

Make sure to check out different ways to get involved with SPICE and Drama Club in the future.