Your 2017 Mr. Medina candidates

The 2017 Mr. Medina Candidates.

On Monday, January 23rd, senior students gathered in the Performing Arts Center and freshmen, sophomore, and junior students tuned in to watch five senior boys compete for the title of Mr. Medina.

Aaron Holmes, Tommy Evans, Nick Schmeller, Nick Nanosky, and Matt Stump all showcased a formal wear, talent, speech and costume of their inspiration in order to win over the students of Medina.  The question for their speech was “What charity would you donate the money from the school’s wooden rose sale to?”

Matt Stump took the stage first in a tan plaid suit escorted by Caitlyn Casper and showcased his talent of completing the FitnessGram Pacer Test.  He also dressed up as Emmet from “The Lego Movie” and his escort was sidekick Wyldstyle.

Stump’s charity of choice was Amamiza Ministries, which is an organization that helps educate and empower the people of Uganda.

Nick Schmeller followed Stump with escort KK King.  Schmeller’s talent was a performance of a violin solo from Vaughan William’s “The Lark Ascending” and he dressed up as Abraham Lincoln for his character of inspiration.

“At this point, I think any of the five guys would be equally deserving, but since I have to root for myself, I’ll say that my work with making new classes and college opportunities available to Medina students is a great example of what Mr. Medina does for his school,” said Schmeller.

Schmeller’s charity of choice was Heifer International, an organization working to end hunger and poverty by providing livestock and training to struggling communities.

Following Schmeller was candidate Nick Nanosky with his escort Kaley Kralovic.  His talent was a rhythmic gymnastics performance with a green ribbon to the main theme from “Chariots of Fire”.  Nanosky’s character of inspiration was Kip from “Napolean Dynamite”.

After prancing around the stage, Nanosky gave a speech on his charity of choice, Collin Cares.

Nanosky spoke about Collin Kiousis, with whom he played lacrosse with and was personally affected when he passed just this month.

Aaron Holmes, followed Nanosky with his escort Kaitlyn Novicky.  Aaron’s talent of choice was juggling and his inspirational character was Iron Man.

I was inspired to try out for Mr. Medina because I am very proud to live where I do. We are very fortunate. I’ve also had many individuals suggest that I apply. The first being Megan Popovich and I truly appreciate her,” said Holmes.

Holmes’s charity of choice was the Center for American Homeless Veterans.  Holmes had a touching story about how his brother and father were in the military and how this charity personally related to him.

The final Mr. Medina candidate was Tommy Evans.  Evans was escorted by Jess Radice and his character of inspiration was Jesse Pinkman, a character from the hit television show “Breaking Bad”.

As long as people know me as a nice guy in Medina who can help out with a problem and be a big part of the school, I’ll be happy.” said Evans.

Evans also spoke of Collin Kiousis and his charity of choice, Collin Cares.  The two had been in Encore together and had become very close before his passing.
Students are encouraged to vote and the ballot can be found under the Students tab on Blackboard.  Voting closes tonight at 11:59pm.