Something to smile about


Katie Salai

The first meeting of Operation Smile Club.

On January 12th, ten students gathered in biology teacher Mrs. Jessica Niemantsverdriet’s (often referred to as “Niemo”) room for the first meeting of Operation Smile Club. The purpose? To bring awareness to children suffering from facial deformities and raise money for reconstructive surgeries.

Operation Smile is an international non-profit organization that provides free surgeries to children and young adults in the developing world who are born with facial deformities. President Lauren Dietrich came up with the idea to start an MHS-based club to support the organization. 

“I chose to bring awareness to facial deformities, cleft lip, and cleft palate because this is a cause I am passionate about,” said Dietrich.

The first meeting started off with an informative video and member introductions. The club also discussed fundraising and projects with local hospitals.

“This club is intended to bring smiles through surgeries and also just through the positive work that you guys (the members) are trying to do,” stated Niemo during the meeting.

Next, the meeting swung into information about elections to the executive board. At their January 20th meeting, Emily Hahn was voted Vice-President, Sydney Cassel was voted Director of Finance, Jenna French was voted Event Director and Taylor Boyland was voted Director of Public Relations. 

The meetings are planned to occur monthly or every two weeks. In future meetings, the club hopes to help raise awareness with projects such as smile bags, tie blankets and the donation of needed items.
The next meeting is after school on Thursday, February 9th. The Twitter page for Operation Smile Club is @Mhs_OpSmile