Seniors, apply for your scholarships today


Starting February 2nd, MHS seniors have been encouraged to fill out the Universal Scholarship Application which was sent to their student emails.  The application is available through February 22nd and it covers multiple scholarships offered through organizations associated with the community of Medina.

Senior students and parents received emails recently reminding them about the application in addition to the emails that were sent out in January.  All students are encouraged to fill out the application as soon as possible.

Included in the scholarship are offers extended to the entire senior class as well as specialty scholarships. The application includes questions surrounding after-school jobs, community involvement, after-school activities and academic honors and awards.  

Over 40 applications are available for granting including need-based, specific majors, and specific criteria scholarships. The scholarship must be filled out in one sitting as progress cannot be saved.

In order to apply for the scholarships, students need to click on the boxes of the listed scholarships that they qualify for and wish to apply for.  Some scholarships require students to answer questions within the application or short essays.

“There isn’t a limit to how much one student can receive, so they’re encouraged to apply for as many as they can,” said Mrs. Cavalier.

Students may need to submit a Student Aid Report, which can be turned into Mrs. Cavalier as well as any other necessary documents for the scholarship.
The scholarship can be filled out, printed out, and turned into the White Guidance office before the end of the day on February 22nd or filled out online.  The application can be found on Blackboard under Scholarships/Other in the MHS Counseling tab.