Quiet on set!


Tom Likosar

(from left to right) Derek Demlow and Kaley Kralovic get to work during the morning announcements.

Every morning during third period, students and staff have the opportunity to watch the morning announcements. Have you ever wondered who is involved with running the daily routine and how do they do it? You can thank our Medina High School Video Production!

The MHS video production class is responsible for bringing schoolwide news every day. Mr. Gabrielsen, teacher head of the class, guides his students to run the show almost completely by themselves.

“It’s an absolute delight,” said Derek Demlow, one of many students who work in the classroom. He enjoys the great group of students he has gotten to work with.

On February 8th, the announcements were taken over by two guest hosts, physical education teacher and boys basketball coach Mr. Hassinger, and Spanish teacher Mrs. Calaiacovo. This did not slow down the energized bunch, for they rolled up their sleeves and put what they learned in class to work.

“I’ve enjoyed it for two years now,” explained video production student Kaley Kralovic. She believes the class has given her a “full experience,” with knowledge about the production of film and the freedoms that come with it.

Located near the Media Center, once you step foot into the classroom you feel as if you have stepped into an actual working broadcasting set. Students take turns on completing a task that will contribute to the finished product. Whether it’s in front or behind the camera, working in the prompter room, or back in the classroom editing, they share a common goal and every student is important.

“The announcements made me fall in love with everything,” Mike Loschiavo commented. LoSchiavo said he grew interests in video editing after joining the class.

This class is perfect practice to all students who want to follow a career path into journalism, communications, or film production. The mentality around the studio gives off a “friend first and coworker second” vibe. The students want to produce their material, and you can thank their teacher for the positive leadership.


If sophomores or juniors are interested in auditioning for the class, they can check out the “Registration 17/18” tab on Blackboard for more information.