Scheduling is here, underclassmen!


Scheduling classes are now available for underclassmen for the 2017-2018 school year.  Links for the process can be found under the Medina High School Counseling tab along with instructions on how to schedule.

Powerpoints can be found for each grade with information on how to find, schedule, and which classes to take for their coursework next year.  Students are encouraged to look at the given instructions on Blackboard as the scheduling process has changed from last year.

If students have trouble scheduling or need advice, the guidance counselors can be found in the House 1 computer lab on Thursday, February 16th, and Friday, February 17th during all class periods.

Counselors will also be pulling students out of their study halls in order to review their schedules.  If a student does not have a study hall, they will meet with their counselor sometime on April 6th or 7th.

Schedule changes after April 13 will not be accepted, as it is the last day for Spring Registration.  Once again, students are urged to pay attention to the descriptions of classes they are signing up for so they fill the necessary requirements for graduation.

A registration guide can be found here with tabs that guide students through courses, graduations requirements, requirements for the honors diploma, and college core minimum requirements.
The registration letters which include student’s username, password, and scheduling URL that gives the student access to the scheduling page.  All schedule requests are due by midnight on Friday, February 17th.