Penguin Bowl team makes waves

(back row left to right) Josh Cabacungan, Charles Clausing, Lauren Dietrich, Abby Fox. (Front row) Coach Mrs. Jessica Niemantsverdriet, Tabitha Ludwiczak

The National Ocean Science Bowl, also known as the “Penguin Bowl”, is held every year across the United States and this was it’s 15th year in Northeast Ohio. The Penguin Bowl got its name from the mascot of the regional coordinator’s school, Dr. Ray Beiersdorfer of Youngstown University.

MHS’ 2017 Penguin Bowl Team consisted of Team Captain Tabitha Ludwiczak, Abby Fox, Lauren Dietrich, Josh Cabacungan, and Charles Clausing, all led by Coach Mrs. Jessica Niemantsverdriet.

The Penguin Bowl is an oceanography trivia competition that delves into multiple fields that surround anything and everything oceanography.

“Anything related to oceanography is fair game, even art and movie related questions can come into play,” stated Coach “Niemo”. 

The team engaged in practice trivia in each of the topic fields to best prepare for any questions they wouldn’t expect.

“We’ve watched movies like Finding Nemo and then we’ll answer questions about them beyond what the standard questions people would ask,” said Dietrich.

To join the team, students did not have to adhere to any prior class or grade level requirements.

“Anyone and everyone can join; we have a team from freshman to juniors that took a test over oceanography to demonstrate and realize their skills,” stated Coach Jessica Niemo.

The team worked towards finding out who will be on the team as early as possible to ensure that they cover as many topics.

“The team started meeting back in September,” stated Fox.

Every year, the location of the NOSB changes depending on the year; whether it’s an odd or an even year. This year, the Penguin Bowl was held at Youngstown State University.

Sadly this year, the MHS team will not advance to the Finals. However, they were the first MHS Penguin Bowl team to successfully build a catenary arch (pictured above) at the science center.