Cut your mane for those in pain


photo by Julia Van Wagner

Senior Hailey Donatelli will be have her head shaved this Friday at the Medina County Career Center’s St. Baldrick fundraising event. Here is a picture before the event.

Have you ever wanted to do something good for your community, but can never figure out the best way to do it? If you have a desire to help out people-in-need, and or wanted to buzz your scalp til bald, come and donate your hair at the annual St. Baldrick’s event!

This event is to raise money for the expansion of cancer research and for needy patients. All members of the Medina area are welcomed to donate to the cause, and even shave their head.

Hailey Donatelli, an MHS senior, and her evolving team of do-gooders have raised about $1415 for the research needed to find a cure. Hailey and her teammate David Baldies are a part of the Chef and Restaurant opportunity at the Career Center.

Hailey and David aren’t the only volunteers to raise money throughout the community. Students across Medina are doing their part to further the research by attending the upcoming event. Claggett teachers Mrs. Pritchard and Mrs. Knox are also involved in the event on Friday.  

The event will be held at the Medina County Career Center Friday, March 10th from 2-6pm. All members of the Medina Community have a chance to donate their hair to fund further cancer research. If you want to donate, go to Hailey’s page on the St. Baldrick’s website.