Venimus Vidimus Vicimus

“We came; We saw; We conquered”

The MHS Latin Club participated in a Toga Party at the Ohio Junior Classical League Convention.

The MHS Latin Club has attended and participated in the Ohio Junior Classical League Convention for a little over twenty years. Even though they missed the past two years due to conflicts with accommodations and participation, they returned this year to continue the tradition. 

This year’s delegates consisted of 15 Latin Club members of all language levels and grades. They represented the MHS Latin program by bringing unique projects in a variety of areas such as creative arts, graphic arts, models, and writing. Each delegate was required to enter a minimum of five projects to be considered for eligibility.

This year’s theme was, “Errare humanum sed perstare diabolicum” or “To err is human, but to persist is wicked or diabolical”.

Latin Club Co-Consul, Senior Sydney Hill stated, “We found out that it means if you try something and fail, that’s a very human thing, but if you try the same thing it’s bad since you’re not really changing.”

I enjoyed working on my wood burning and seeing how other people incorporated the convention theme into their wood burnings.”

— Latin Club Secretary Junior Jared Metz


The convention allowed members to demonstrate their creative skills in multiple ways while still staying true to the theme. Treasurer Elizabeth Salai also stated, “I worked more on the banner, and even though it was more of a club project, that was the one thing I put the most time into.”

MHS was also fortunate enough to place in many categories, making a lasting impression and showcasing the prowess of the MHS Latin Program.

“There was a point where everyone placed so they kept saying, Medina, Medina, Medina!” stated Elizabeth Salai.

Latin teachers Mrs. Sawan and Mr. Kolo worked hard to bring together the Latin delegates and show how great of an opportunity it was for all of those that attended. The outcome was greatly rewarded; providing Medina it’s well-deserved placements and many satisfying memories.