The Medinamite Spring 2017

A look back with more to come

During last school year, over 200 copies of “The Spring Break Edition” were sold. Last year’s edition was print on copy paper.

Since the online edition of The Medinamite began in spring 2015, it has grown and garnered attention from the MHS community. To respond to the support, from March 29th to the 31st, The Medinamite sold its first print edition since 2010.

“I find something rather nice about folding the pages of a paper rather than clicking around on a web-based media,” said MHS Language Arts department head Mr. Quade. “It’s too easy to just click on what you think you want to read and dismiss the other stuff. Sometimes we can be pleasantly surprised at what we find if we take the time to look and read.”

It took over a month of writing, formatting and publishing to put together an edition of athletic, student life, and opinion articles. “The Spring Break Edition” sold by Medinamite Staff members for 50 cents during study halls and lunches.

Over 200 copies were sold and the money raised will be used by The Medinamite to print future editions.

Various requests were made for feedback on the print edition. On ways to improve The Medinamite’s student input, Senior Caitlin Moore wrote, “Possibly have more students that are involved with The Medinamite talk about it, so other students would know what kind of content the newspaper has.” Other students wrote about how The Medinamite should continue to send out surveys to receive feedback.

Regarding general thoughts about the print edition and The Medinamite itself, the comments made were mainly constructive and positive.

A Senior Edition went out just prior to graduation, with similar sales.

There are very few regular sources of relatively unfiltered information available to students and staff,” said Quade. “The Medinamite provides student produced and student centered perspectives. This gives it an authenticity that is often undervalued in today’s world.”

This article was updated August 2017.


The Medinamite Spring Break Edition

The Medinamite Senior Edition