The last hurdle


Medina High School’s Girls Track and Field Team is in the final stretch of the 2017  season. The team’s dedication and drive for the sport granted them the success of winning four invitational meets and only losing one thus far.

The season began in late March with sets of ups and downs for the team. Overall, it allowed them to learn to work and support each other in a way that meets the demands of the sport while expressing the unique talents of each athlete.

Coach Scott Van Fleet stated, “Every year takes on a unique feel of its own, different personalities, talent levels, and degrees of commitment all play a part in making each team special in their own way.”

With next year to look forward to, the team has made strides towards setting up in a way that fills the positions that will be lost in the coming year.

“Unfortunately, losing quality seniors is a yearly dilemma that we face,” Van Fleet stated. “We just try to maximize the potential of everyone on the team and hope that incoming freshmen and the maturation of underclassmen continue the level of success that we expect each year.”

With such a diverse and talented group of young athletes, this season proved to be a great example for newer members to see what the expectations and goals the team hopes to achieve over the coming years.

“We have a long history of very high performing teams so we typically have high aspirations every year,” Van Fleet stated. “Winning the conference and advancing as many athletes as possible to the State Meet is always at the top of our list.”

Finishing off another amazing season, The MHS Girls Track and Field team don’t face the end of the season but the beginning.