Survive exam week with Medinamite!



The end of the school year is right around the corner! Before we can lather with sunscreen and hit the pool, every student at MHS takes exams. For students who have made this an annual routine, you know what to expect. Freshmen, soon to be sophomores, have not experienced the end of the year finals. That is why I am going to give soon tips and pointers about taking your final exams this year. This is for all the underclassmen new to the system and to any other student who can always make room for improvement. If you’re not new to this testing system it’s always great to gather some new information.



  • Work hard all year long!


Hard work should not start when you cram the night before. It’s important to get the knowledge you need to take these test come spring. The more work done in class will increase how basic you may think the test will be. The perfect balance of studying will get you to where you need to be.

  1.        Put down the cell phone!

Nothing can be more distracting than finishing that last text versus checking out what your friend said on Twitter, but the bottom line is getting that phone away from your study table! The more your phone is in visible sight you are enticed to grab. The full attention needs to be on the books and study guides. The more focused you are on what you need to conquer to defeat your exam, the higher of excellence you face.

  1.          Avoid the cram bug!

It’s the night of the big Spanish exam and you have not learned the material. You stay up all night to figure out how to conjugate those verbs. Stay away from that method! Cramming is no good for the brain. This can lead to increase of anxiety and very minimal memory from what you just read. The proper way of learning a subject is to review frequently throughout each day. While cramming may not be the best choice, some people say they are fine with using it. Either way, the important thing is you succeed to get that passing grade.

  1.     Eat up!

Who doesn’t like food? Having a snack right next to your textbook may be just the thing you need. Consuming a nutrient food can increase the productivity in the brain, perfect for those long nights of nose in books. Stopping for a pitstop may lead you to enjoy your studying sessions a little bit more, who doesn’t like to read up about Shakespeare without jamming pretzels into their mouths? It’s important to fuel that engine the morning of the test. The more power in you, the more power is on paper.

  1.   Relax!

Seriously! Take a deep breath before every session and even before you read question one. The less stressed you are can lead to more focusing on what’s important. When that morning comes and you are racing to take that algebra test, take a second to open your third eye. Exams should not stress you out. They are tools to determine where you stand once set out into the real world. If your eyes are on the prize, nothing is the limit. Keep reaching for that extra step.