Quack at it again!


The baby ducklings have grown up and Medina High School students are delighted to see that their furry little friends waddling around the courtyard. Students have watched the ducks grow throughout the school year. 

Mrs. Lobuglio, an MHS art teacher, has been looking after the ducks for ten years. She’s watched the seasonal changes in the ducks.

“The females arrive in spring to make their nests. The eggs hatch in 28 days, they develop in the summer and fly south in late August,” said Lobuglio. 

Lobuglio also said the most common questions asked about the ducks are “Where do they come from?  How do they get out of the courtyard and what do they eat?”

The ducks have been a sort of tradition at MHS, for more than ten years students have witnessed not only the scenery of the courtyard, but also the animals within it.