“Bag of Bones” is a true thriller

Thrilling suspense, realistic romance, unsolvable mysteries and an exciting twist at the end. These are the things that make up a Stephen King novel, and “Bag of Bones” is no exception. The novel starts with an author, Mike Noonan, whose wife suffers an aneurysm.

Mike, the hero of our tale spends the next four years with a mind-numbing case of writer’s block. The novel continues with a gripping ghost story.

The book has an abundance of realism; from the description of writer’s block, which is vivid and painful, to the flashbacks Mike has of his wife, which had a balance of playfulness and seriousness. The book also, as the foreword said, tries it’s hardest to portray a lawyer who is not a completely arrogant jerk.

As far as the linguistics, the book, being written by an experienced writer, King, is fantastic. The grammar is great, but still conforms to his stylistic long to short sentences and sudden matter-of-fact epiphanies. Finally, the book, continuing to follow King’s style, had language that is colorful, to say the least. 

In the end, the novel is a fantastic thriller with romance and humor. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mysteries, although it’s definitely one to be careful with. Only read if you can handle it maturely.