Welcome to a new and improved GSA!

Club sets dates for upcoming functions.


GSA Advisor Mrs. Jennifer Oehler. Photo by Beverly Sexton.

GSA started this year strong with around 30 people at their first meeting. Filled with food and new people, it’s an exciting time for anyone who knows about LGBTQ+ issues or not. 

Led by Advisor and MHS language arts teacher Mrs. Jennifer Oehler, the club is starting off the year with the Ally Coffee Break after school on Oct. 4. Here people can come together and learn more about the LGBTQ+ community. Refreshments will be served. Those wishing to participate should email [email protected] to RSVP. All are welcome.

This is GSA’s eighth year at MHS. Mrs. Oehler and GSA’s executive board all agreed that they are hoping that things will go smoother than the years before. 

Senior Joey Puma, GSA President, said he was looking forward to more organization for the club in planning.

Puma stated, “Last year we were jumping into things hoping it would work. This year we’ll be taking the time to organize and make sure our events work out.”

GSA also plans to have meetings throughout the year discussing the various problems and difficulties in the LGBTQ+ community, and how members can help solve them.

Additional information about dates, times, and locations can be found in Mrs. Oehler’s room, room number 2200.