The Latin Club Olympics


Last Friday, Latin Club kicked off their 26th year with a new kind of party: the Latin Club Olympics.

These Olympics are traditional events with a bit of a modern twist. Some of the events that students could participate in were bocce ball shot-put, bocce ball relay, frisbee discus, and even a three-legged relay to name a few.

Club Advisor Mrs. Amy Sawan noted that this event was open to anyone who wanted to attend. The goals of the event were to bring students together, to spark new friendships, and to have fun.

“Everyone can participate in goofy events that basically bring people together and create the bonds of friendship,” stated Sawan. “Including our two new wonderful members, Alix and Maria, who are two of our exchange students in the school.”

Co-Consul Sydney Hofer stated that besides the Olympics, “Latin Club is a fun way to hang out with other people that are taking the same language as you are. It’s fun to party with them, it’s fun to hang out with them, and it’s fun to socialize.”

Other than the Olympics,  Latin Club’s other big events for the year are their Halloween party, Saturnalia and the Convention of the Ohio Junior Classical League.

Hofer stated, “Convention is really big.”

OJCL, or “Convention” is when students in Latin Club go to Columbus and share the artwork that they made, compete in oration, or various other events. They compete against other Latin Clubs in Ohio, and doing well at Convention looks illustrious to colleges on applications.

Latin Club meets every other Tuesday in room 2115, and their next meeting is on Sep. 26, 2017.