Homecoming Queen Voter’s Guide


(from left to right) Audrey Baker, Melina Barlow, Emma Clardy, Mckenna Dowd, Isabella Field, Melissa Gottschalk, Elizabeth Judy, Paige Letner, Crosbee Lisser, Tabitha Ludwiczak, Cameron Olin, Abi Raitano, Megan Sency, Megan Varley and Megan Vogelgesang.

Listed below are all 15 Homecoming Queen candidates in the order they appear on the ballot. The top 15 Homecoming Queen candidates were asked to write/give a short speech about what genre of music they find the most influential. A single quote from the speech of each candidate can be found below. Also included is a brief bio of each candidate and the activities they are involved in.

Students can vote on Blackboard until midnight on Monday, Sep. 25.

Audrey Baker – Classic Rock

“I encourage you to go ahead and be nostalgic, go listen to Jimi Hendrix to head-bang to an awesome guitar solo,  or maybe even listen to Pink Floyd to get in touch with the music, as long as you rock out like no one’s watching.”

Audrey Baker is the Beeliner Captain for the Medina Color guard, and also involved in Drama Club, Link Crew, Huddle/Shuddle, and the morning announcements. If you can’t find her covered in ice cream and hot fudge at the Medina Dairy Queen, she’s probably sleeping or texting you back at a prehistoric pace.

Melina Barlow – Country

“Country music can be funny, it can be sad, it can make us want to dance and it can teach us about life… there is something about those country songs and the stories they tell that make me feel connected to that genre of lyrics.”

Melina has been involved in a number of clubs throughout high school, including Key Club, Huddle/ Shuddle, Link Crew, Spanish Club and Chem Club. She is a member of  National Honor Society, and the MHS morning announcements. Melina works at all Fired Up and volunteers for the Children’s Center of Medina County. In her free time, she unsuccessfully attempts to teach her two dogs, Sadie and Chloe, new tricks or is constantly annoying her peers with 500 second concert Snapchat stories.

Emma Clardy – Classic Rock

“The courageous stories of these bands (one of them being AC/DC) give me hope that there’s a future after loss and a hope after tragedy. I’m guessing this is why my dad tried to get me and my sisters to love the same bands that he did so that we could have the strength to deal with all of life’s difficulties.”

Emma Clardy has lettered in track the past three years. She is the choir  vice president and has been in Encore for three years. She is a member of NHS, Link Crew, Fellowship of Christian Students, and Huddle.

Mckenna Dowd – Orchestral

“This is the kind of music that gets you feeling, the kind of songs you truly feel, not just memorize the lyrics and sing along. This is the music you remember because in the end, it’s not what was said, it’s how you feel….And that’s why I think orchestral music is the most influential music.”

McKenna Dowd is a four year member of the Medina High School Symphony Orchestra.  She’s played the cello for about eight years. She is also a member of Key Club, SHUDDLE, and NHS. This year, she is a Commissioner for Link Crew. McKenna has also been in two of Medina High School’s spring plays. Her favorite classes are physics and spanish. She wants to major in Astronomy and Astrophysics and hopes to work for NASA one day.

Isabella Field – Country

“Country songs inspire me to be a better person, to live life to the fullest, to love others unconditionally, and most importantly, to always let Jesus take the wheel.”

Bella is trying to will her way into OSU so she can study Chemical Engineering and minor in American Sign Language.  Bella is President of Young Life, she has been involved with Student Council, Peer Tutoring, Sign Language Club, Soccer, Lacrosse and Tennis.  Bella is obsessed with Burrito Bowls, and you can usually find her at Barrio, Chipotle, or Swenson’s.

Melissa Gottschalk – Spongebob Squarepants

“It sounds silly, but when you think about it the musical stylings of “Spongebob” do indeed have some inspiration behind them and his music will always hold a dear place in my heart.”

Melissa Gottschalk is a spirited member of Medina High School that loves partaking in the many activities we have to offer. She’s involved in Link Crew, Huddle, Student Council, Encore Crew, Spanish Club, and more. She loves attending athletic events and helping backstage at drama productions. You can find her at school eating 5 boxes of goldfish or wearing plaid pajama pants with Medina Spirit Wear. Outside of school, she’s a fry cook at Wendy’s or on snapchat sending ugly selfies to friends.

Elizabeth Judy – Latin 

“Perhaps the most popular Spanish song that has come to life more recently is “Despacito”, and I’m not talking about the version with Justin Bieber, I’m talking about the original. The one that has gone viral across the world. Even if people can’t understand lyrics, it’s still a cheerful melody that puts people in a happy mood.”

Elizabeth Judy has been a student council member for four years, this year serving as student body secretary. She is also is an avid cross country and track runner.  To put this into perspective she logged enough miles last year to run to Miami, Florida. Elizabeth is also an NHS member, Shuddle Leader, and peer tutor. One of her more unhealthy habits is going into Mexican restaurants and only ordering queso and chips to go.

Paige Letner – Rock ‘n’ Roll

“It’s just one of those songs (“Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey) from a genre of music that captures what it’s like to have fun, enjoy the moment and the memories that music gives you and the people around you. All music has the ability to bring people together, but my personal favorite is rock ‘n’ roll.”

Paige Letner is a Choir Officer and a captain for Public Forum on the Debate Team. She loves volunteering with MHS Key Club and leading Encore Crew. Her hobbies include working on plays and musicals, as well as binge-watching Netflix.

Crosbee Lisser – Rap

“When I look back on my time here I realize that this is the place where I truly found myself, I look back and I see deeper meanings and different inspirations, that’s why I think there’s a few more things I should say but I wanted to say it uniquely in a different way. (Crosbee began to rap) So I’m sorry but now you’re sitting in my trap because the most inspirational thing to me is rap.”

Crosbee’s car is always one of the first cars at school, and one of the last cars to leave school.  She loves being a part of Band, Symphony Orchestra, Concert Choir, Track, swimming, Student Council, Latin Club, FCS, the musical, and also, she’s the President of National Honors Society. In her free time, she enjoys going on bike rides, playing ukulele in her church’s Youth Praise team, practicing her French horn, drinking McDonald’s sweet teas, making a killer side of Guac, or just hanging out with her friends.  

Tabitha Ludwiczak – Country

“No matter what I seemed to be going through, there seems to always be a country song to help cheer me up when it seemed like no one knew the right words to say to help me feel better.”

If you are ever looking for Tabitha you could probably find her on the parking lot by the PAC practicing with the Marching Band, playing defense at a Medina Girls Soccer Club game,volunteering at the Akron Zoo, or at a lake or pool.  Tabitha is involved in Student Council where she is Vice President of the Senior Class, NHS, Marching and Symphony band, Penguin Bowl, and a captain for the Medina Girls Soccer Club. Anyone that really knows Tabitha will know she is a complete Ocean and Animal nerd who will defend her beliefs on environmental issues until the other person just gives up.

Cameron Olin – Broadway

“This stage (the Performing Arts Center) is the place where I learned to be myself and not care what anyone thinks, through each role I’ve played…I’ve been able to find myself and grow as a person more than I ever thought possible, each role giving me new songs and perspectives which I use in my everyday life.”

Cameron Olin is one of five choir officers for the choir program and has been a member of Encore Entertainment Co. since her sophomore year. She played girls soccer until her junior year and this year she continues to help the teams as much as possible. She is also a member of the Drama Club and Improv Club. She has also participated in SPICE for two years.  

Abi Raitano – Country

“‘Life is a Highway and I want to ride it” this song by the Rascal Flatts is a great example of living your life to the fullest, it helps me to remember that even when there are obstacles in life… I will get through it.”

Abi Raitano has been a proud member of the varsity tennis team for three years, and is currently varsity captain. Abi was selected as a member of the GCC All-Conference tennis team the past two years. She is also a Link Crew Commissioner and a Girls Leadership Club Officer. Abi is a member of National Honors Society and this is her second year as a HUDDLE Leader.  Abi works as a legal intern at a local law firm. In her free time, Abi enjoys going to Medina events and cheering on her peers!

Megan Sency – Hip-Hop/Rap

“For our generation, hip-hop and rap has been a way for those struggling through hard times to tell their story and I find that very inspirational. For the artist, they get a chance to tell their story, and for the listeners it gives us a chance to escape our fears and inhibitions.”

You can always find Megan Sency working with kids throughout the week in programs such as Big Brother Big Sister and Shuddle. She is also a part of Link Crew, National Honor Society, and the tutoring program. She is always kicking around a soccer ball with her teammates as team captain for the Medina Girls Varsity Soccer Team. Baking and playing with her dog Sweetpea are her other favorites.  Megan sees MHS as her second home and loves being a part of it all.

Megan Varley – Rock

“My individuality has been shaped by my friends and family,  I get a chance to use my creativity and leadership skills in Student Council… all of my involvement in these organizations has given me the confidence to pave my own way and create my own music throughout high school.”

With a bright personality Megan serves as Vice President of Student Council.  She is a member of the National Honors Society , a SHUDDLE leader and a Link Crew leader. She enjoys spending time with her with her friends.  You can catch her slicing bagels at Panera on weekend mornings or on the football field Friday nights playing her flute!

Megan Vogelgesang – Latin 

“I cannot tell you how many times I listen to Spotify “Viva Latino”. One of the first realizations I came to after spending some time listening to it is that the United States is not the only country to produce good music. For me, this opened my eyes to new cultures and new ways of thinking.”

Megan Vogelgesang is a four year marching and symphony band member, President of International Cultural Exploration also known as ICE, and a three year member of Spanish Club.  One day she hopes to study abroad with the Rotary Club to pursue her true dream of “livin the vida loca.” She loves snow skiing on the great mountains of Ohio, and is a firm believer that miles bring smiles.