Concessions… it’s a Student Council thing


Delaney Baumann

Student Council member and Junior Class President Claire Leupp preparing an order of nachos in the concession stands

The junior Student Council members are hard at work cooking up a great season in the football concession stands.

Before every home varsity game, the juniors have to make sure the ‘home’ and ‘away’ stands are prepared for the upcoming games.

“I’m in charge of the ‘away’ stands,” junior Student Council member Payton Cassel stated. “We make sure that everything is stocked, and that we have everything we need.” She makes sure to stock drinks, chips, hotdog and hamburger buns, cheese, and candy.

Junior Claire Leupp has an important role in Student Council and the concession stands. “I’m junior class president,” Leupp stated. “I’m in charge of organizing all the concession stands.”

Leupp helps keep the stands organized by making a spreadsheet of who is working each game, contacting the parents and the workers for each game, and making sure the stands are stocked before each game.

The funds for concession stands benefit hundreds of students outside of Student Council. “All the funds go towards prom,” Leupp stated. “We are in charge of planning prom, planning the theme, and setting up for prom.”

The junior class representatives have been making lots of memories in the concession stands this year. Junior Student Council member Jenna French said, “Everybody is super close.” The members spend up to five hours together during each home game making memories and working together as a group.

Although some may think that working concessions would not be fun, the members of Student Council would disagree. “It’s definitely a different feel than ‘The Swarm’, but I think it’s really fun just being with everybody,” Leupp said. “Everyone gets along really well so it makes working together really fun.”

Student Council members will continue running the concession stands for every home football game this season, including freshman and junior varsity games.


The next home varsity game is October 6 at 7 p.m. The next home junior varsity game is Sep. 30 at 10 a.m. The next freshman game is Sep. 28 at 4:30 p.m.