Whose joke is it anyway?

President of Improv Club, Anthony Petruzzi.

Rebekah Pierse

President of Improv Club, Anthony Petruzzi.

Improv Club has become the most attended unpaid club at MHS. The club was started in 2015 by MHS alumni, Andy Newman and Alex McMullen.

Over the past three years, a large variety of students have decided to join Improv Club. Some just to have fun, and some to come out of their shell.

“I joined it because I’m a very awkward person and I was not confident in myself for years, so I decided to join and now I can go out on stage and sing by myself,” stated three-year member, senior Kelsey Spencer.

The club cabinet, consisting of Improv Club President senior Anthony Petruzzi, and juniors Alex Anthony and Robert Olszewski, also love when new members join. However there is one rule, new members must participate in a skit.

“Literally anyone can join. We joke like preferably funny people, but literally anyone. One of the unspoken goals of Improv Club is to get people out of their shells, so even if you don’t think you’re funny, you probably are,” said Petruzzi.

The whole club is just about making jokes, laughing, and having fun. Sometimes there are snacks provided, or they go out to eat as a group. No matter what, there’s always a ton of laughs.

“The premise of the club is to like have fun with one another, have fun with your classmates and peers and whatnot, and it’s to make each other laugh,” stated Petruzzi.

Improv Club will hopefully continue on as a club at MHS for years to come. Every year full of laughs, gaffs, and inside jokes. 


Improv Club meetings are every Wednesday after school. For more information, go to Improv Club’s Twitter account, @MedinaImprov.