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Bump, set and spike for the cure

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Jacob Novicky

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The Medina High School girls’ volleyball teams played Strongsville in their fourth annual “Ace with Grace” event on Oct. 5. All three of Medina’s teams wore pink to show support and raise awareness for the Mary Grace Foundation. Despite a tough night for MHS teams on the court, the event itself was a success.

The freshman team lost two sets to zero; junior varsity lost two sets to zero and varsity lost three sets to zero to very competitive Strongsville teams.

However, the girl’s varsity volleyball team has had a good overall season with a record of 11-11 and 6-8 in conference play. According to senior Alyssa Hudak it’s been, “pretty good we’ve had tough competition this year and we have stuck with them.”

Regarding Ace with Grace Hudak said that, “It feels so good. I really like helping everyone in the community.”

“We have a lot of student participation,” according to Tammy Stankard, a member of the Ace with Grace team. “The student council is running a bake sale for us today, and the volleyball team put together marvelous baskets. Each volleyball team donated a raffle bucket.”

An event that got a lot of people involved was “Strike to Serve”, where anyone could win a t-shirt by hitting a volleyball over the net to hit a t-shirt placed on the other side.

The event coordinator Julie Dwyer stated, “100% of the proceeds go to the Mary Grace Foundation, none goes to the volleyball team.”

Those who were fortunate enough to have known Mary Grace believe she would be honored by the activities that raise funds for cancer victims and their families in her name.

“She would be in awe. She always gave and knowing others giving to her causes because of the sickness that she had, and her foundation helping people,” Beal said,  “I think she is doing a happy dance in heaven right now.”

The Ace with Grace event raised over $4,400 from all of the activities that happened over the course of the games.


The next game for the girl’s volleyball team is on Oct.19 at 7:30 pm in the OHSSA Sectional Final at Brunswick High School. 

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Bump, set and spike for the cure