A donut and a dream

How a tasty dream turned into a reality


Scott Sandusky could give advice on what it takes to make a dream into a reality.

About three years ago, sitting in his apartment in Indiana, Scott Sandusky first visualized that he was going to change jobs and open up Circles on the Square. From that moment forward, he practiced not only the art of making donuts but running a business as well.

“And so I’m sitting there making them every weekend and making and making donuts and I’m like ‘Man this is harder than it looks, this isn’t easy, but I have an idea of what I want, I have a dream, and I’m gonna keep on following through.’ So, through a little bit more of research and hard work, I started to figure out what I wanted.”

Though Sandusky spent hours making those first donuts, he admits that they weren’t his best creation. Sandusky had a dream to make donuts, but had a long way to go in perfecting the craft.

“Boy, that first batch was inedible!” Sandusky said. “The dog wouldn’t even eat them.”

Sandusky has come a long way from this inedible first batch, but even with his new shop up and running, he’s learning something new every day.

“Even as we sit right now, we are still learning. I tell everybody constantly, whether you are a young person or old person, you can still learn something every day.” Sandusky also noted, “I’m not learning one thing a day, I’m learning 50. I’m learning on how to get better. So it’s the little things like how to fill the demand that we’ve seen from Medina, how to quickly fill those needs, and all the little things that go wrong within a day, and how to become a problem solver.”

Circles on the Square seems to be operating smoothly. It has quickly grabbed the attention of the citizens of Medina, but the success couldn’t have been possible without the staff including Medina High School’s very own Paige Gibeault, Jenna Klecar, and Kristen Lyons.

“The maturity level and the ability and willingness to learn has been unbelievable. I could not ask for a better group of young adults. The responsibility level that they’re willing to take on is unreal,” Sandusky said.“There are a couple Medina students here that I truly believe will quite honestly run this country someday.”

These students will take their experiences with them.

Paige Gibeault stated that “There are a lot of times where we will have a line going out of the shop and around the corner. So learning how to work in high-stress situations with other people as well as being able to rely on yourself, is definitely going to transfer into real life situations.”

Gibeault had a pretty simple answer when asked about her favorite donuts to make.

“Sprinkle Donuts,” said Gibeault, “Any donut that requires sprinkles.”

Unlike other donut places around, Circles on the Square looks to deliver the best donuts to their customers. Ironically, when making the donut itself they use some of the healthiest ingredients including soy milk.

“One of our goals here is to use the highest quality ingredients. High-quality ingredients produce high-quality products. That’s the one area that we are not going light on,” Sandusky said.“Our goal is to produce the best tasting donut.”

Circles on the Square has a variety of donuts to offer, ranging from Fruity Pebbles to honey glazed or even just plain donuts. They also have been offering themed donuts, such as the Homecoming Week donuts honoring MHS. They are currently open from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., but have been closing early, due to being, as Sandusky stated, “utterly slammed busy”.

So, now in the midst of realizing the dream, Sandusky runs Circles on the Square as he has from the beginning: with a focus on hard work, problem-solving and sheer determination to improve.

“Every day I’m learning how to get better.”