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Art Club at the 2017 Homecoming Parade

Art Club at the 2017 Homecoming Parade

Art Club is a great outlet for students who wishes to join in on creating art pieces throughout the school year. The after-school club is run by art teachers alongside the various club officers.

“Art Club is an opportunity for all students at Medina High School to meet as a group and create artistic projects for themselves and the community,” stated art teacher Mrs. Bobby Foy. “Everybody and anybody can join.”

The club has anywhere from 10-40 students at the meetings. They’re always trying to get more students to join, students in all four grades at any level of skill in art are accepted.

“I’m hoping people will join Art Club to share their love of art (especially) if they’re not in an art class,” stated Foy. “I think it gives students a chance to express themselves outside of the academic day.”

Even if you’ve taken all the art classes at MHS, or if you have a full schedule, Art Club is a great alternative. For just a short time after school once a month, it can become some students’ favorite thing about art.

“I think it’s an awesome alternative because it’s a more casual side of art,” said Foy. 

The club also takes an annual trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art. They also appeared in Medina’s Homecoming Parade.  Right now, the club is working on locker tags and t-shirts and also looking forward to holding a fundraiser of some sort.


Find out more by going to an art club meeting, held the second Tuesday of every month.