Medina tackles bullying


October is National Bullying Prevention month and Medina is doing everything to prevent the problems bullying causes. Bullying has become a major issue across the country. Statistically, 160,000 students across the world miss school each day out of fear of being bullied.  At MHS, the faculty and staff are doing their best to try and fix this issue.

A survey was conducted regarding bullying at MHS and 213 student responses were recorded. One of the most shocking results was 58.2% of people said that they’ve witnessed bullying at school. Which means over half the responses say that have seen someone being mean to a fellow student.

Senior Brett High said he has witnessed bullying around the school, ¨I have seen kids excluded and picked on, it is very sad because we should all try to help each other.”

Last year, Medina held a ¨See Something, Say Something¨ assembly. A speaker came in and talked about steps to take when you witness bullying. One of the steps was telling a trusted adult.

The Medina City Schools staff has done a great job of offering a level of comfort to where you can tell them anything. It makes the students feel better when they have a trusted adult to tell anything to.

High also stated ¨I think I would definitely be able to tell my favorite teacher about the situation.¨

Out of the 213 responses, about 29.7% said they have been personally bullied. A goal for the Medina City Schools district is to make sure that a school is a place where everyone can feel comfortable. The survey also showed that 56%  of people said they feel our school is a safe zone.

The school would be much better if everyone felt it was a safer environment. If people still feel excluded or bullied our job of helping and solving the problem is not over.

¨I think of Medina as a safe environment, but I am sure some kids do not and we need to do a better job of reaching out to them,¨ High stated.  

Medina offers a great support system including counselors and teachers who would love to help. However it is more than just that, we as students need to help other students feel like they can come to school every day and be themselves.

The issue will not ever be resolved if we cannot as a student body lift each other up and make everyone feel welcome. It is not just on the faculty and staff to make Medina a safer place, it is on us as students.