Medina’s motivational speaker


This year’s motivational speaker, Eddie Slowikowski.

The Performing Arts Center was packed during third period on Tuesday, Oct. 24 when Medina High School students went to listen to this year’s motivational speaker, Eddie Slowikowski. The event was organized by MHS’ Student Council who first heard Slowikowski speak in Chicago last year. They asked him to come to Medina to inspire students to become the best versions of themselves.

Slowikowski has been a professional speaker since 1992 and his speeches are mostly focused on empowerment and leadership. His mother also worked as a professional speaker and she thought that he had the perfect personality to carry on the family legacy and become a speaker. Even though this was something that never interested Slowikowski, he got the chance to try the job once when he had to fill in for his sick mother. That was when his professional speaker career first started.

“So I thought of a fun way to kind of tell a story, because I thought I was gonna do it once,” stated Slowikowski. “I thought, well I will do some dancing too and I will get them up dancing. All these ideas came to me about what I wanted to do, so I went and did it,” he continued. “When I was on that stage the first time, I was loving it.”

It was supposed to only be that one speech, but the reactions Slowikowski got from his performance changed that. Educators in the audience came up to him afterwards and wanted to hire him to come and speak in their schools. His career kicked off and since then he has inspired a lot of people, including MHS Student Council President Austin Gambaccini, who really enjoyed Slowikowski’s speech in Chicago.

“I know my freshmen year, even  last year before I went to Chicago, I didn’t think I would be Student Council President or anything,” Gambaccini said. “But after Chicago and I met this guy that gave the speech, I was inspired to the best me that there is, so I hope that’s what happens to other people.”

During his speech at MHS, Slowikowski focused on exactly that. Some examples he brought up were doing good deeds for others and trying to understand other people’s stories. His speeches aren’t just formal. They’re full of fun too, in order to engage the students and get them excited.

“It doesn’t matter who wins or loses. The one thing that matters is that you are having fun,” said MHS student Caitlyn Edwards who took inspiration from Slowikowski’s speech.

Slowikowski presented his message in a clear way by telling stories and getting the audience involved. He encouraged the students to not let anyone else judge them and their talent and reminded them to show appreciation to the people in their surroundings and believe in themselves. By ending the speech with a long dance number featuring songs from different decades, Slowikowski achieved a standing ovation from the students and teachers at Medina High School.