The rise of rugby


As the popularity of rugby makes its way throughout the country, the sport also made it’s way to Medina High School. With the rugby season coming up this spring many wonder about the status of rugby as a sport.

Medina Rugby is now in its eighth year an is considered a club sport. Club sport meaning that it is a part of Medina, but athletes that participate in this sport cannot letter in it. 

Senior Caroline Crandall, who is now in her third year of girls rugby, talked about how to raise awareness. “The biggest thing that needs to be done is to have the sport brought to kids at younger ages such as elementary school levels to have more of an abundance of people participate in the sport.” 

She went on saying that there has been a push for rugby to become a recognized sport for the past six years now and has also been in major works as of recent years. 

Coach Brian Scerca, who is now in his fifth year as head coach for the Medina Boys Rugby team said, “while we are a club sport, we are in a varsity try-out phase. Meaning that we get to use all of the facilities, such as the weight room and fields, as well as busing. The main difference being that we are self-funded, but the school still treats us pretty well.”

Practice nights for interested high school students have been held at MHS to raise awareness and give hands-on experience with the sport. 

Senior captain for the Boys Rugby team, Mason Juka stated, “Since two years ago, we’ve really increased our numbers and it seems like our program will keep growing in the future.” Juka went on about he enjoys rugby becoming more a part of the Medina City Schools community. 

As for the upcoming season, this will be the first year for Medina Girls Rugby to have a JV team as the attendance for girls has been at an all-time. This will give the girls more playing time as well as more experience for upcoming years.

The first game is set for early March for both girls and boys, conditioning and lifting will begin in January, which still gives possible athletes time to join.