Finding Amazing Amy

Emma Park , Staff Writer

Everything looks lovely on the surface — at first. Gone Girl opens in a wealthy suburban neighborhood on the morning of a couple’s fifth wedding anniversary. Gone Girl twists and turns throughout the movie. There is never a so called “break” in this film.

Meet Nick and Amy Dunne – played by Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, respectively. The two have been happily married for the past five years – quietly living in the suburbs of North Carthage, Missouri. On the night of their five year anniversary, Nick comes home to discover the house has been vandalized, and, worst of all… Amy, his loving wife, is missing. As the police investigate the incident, they can’t help but notice how calm and composed Nick is about Amy’s disappearance. As evidence (including Amy’s diary) quickly builds against Nick, it all boils down to this one question: Did Nick kill his wife Amy?

Gone Girl is a film that can be interpreted in many ways – a whodunit murder mystery; it’s a complex character study – or, an unfiltered look at love and marriage and motives. It also is a report on the state of the media and criminal justice system in the 21st century. It’s relevant and real. Mysterious and thrilling movies never get old; I thought that this was a great movie. This movie puts, and keeps, us on the edge of our seat the whole time. It also takes us through multiple points of view. When I thought more about the characters and who I felt I could relate too, it seems the audience will be able to relate to all of the characters.

The movie is a fast drama; I never felt bored; I always wanted to see where it would go next – thinking something would just jump out at me, or some detail would be exposed. I couldn’t see the plot forming. Even when I thought I knew what was happening, I was happily incorrect; that made me feel great. Gone Girl is a must see. Don’t wait.