Was “The Interview” worth all the commotion?

Liddy Thies, Staff Writer

This highly media fueled, controversial movie was set to come out in theaters, but due to a cyber hack of Sony Pictures, was pushed back. The hack was supposedly committed by North Korea. (The movie features the North Korean leader who is assassinated.) This strictly totalitarianian country, led by Kim Jong Un, threatened to bomb any theaters in which the movie was showing. When Sony decided to release it on the internet – for rent and purchasing – it grossed over $1 million in just a day. But, was the movie worth all of the media hype? And, did Sony use it as a publicity stunt to attract more viewers?

The movie is full of no-brainer, comic relief – so much so, that a monkey could understand its humor – no offense to monkies. No doubt though, when the movie portrayed Kim Jong Un, the ruthless dictator, as a emotional, margarita-loving, Katy Perry fanatic who only wants the approval of his father, no one can help but to burst into laughter. The movie stars James Franco, and Seth Rogan – both play talk show hosts. Dave Skylark along with producer Aaron Rapoport score an interview with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, played by Randall Park. Government Agent Lacey talks Dave and Aaron into killing Kim Jong Un during the interview. The movie goes on to show the life inside North Korea and what Kim Jong Un is really like.

The cinematography is decent in portraying what North Korea looks like, and the lighting adjusts to the mood accurately.  The music corresponds with the tone of the scenes remarkably well. Katy Perry’s Firework is played multiple times – each time the audience laughs out loud.

However, minus the commotion from the media, this movie is not good enough to even make a ripple at the box office. This movie is definitely directed towards a younger, easily entertained audience who laughs at just about anything.