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(This story contains information about the first print edition of the 2017-2018 school year, if you want a recap on the return of the print edition (as well as PDFs of last year’s editions) from last school year check out “The Medinamite Spring 2017”)


The staff of The Medinamite has been at work for the past semester developing journalistic writing skills and using a platform of online media: However, online media can go only go so far as to reaching out the the student body of  Medina High School.

Hence, the return of the print edition. Although this is still an experimental process (The last print edition of The Medinamite was in 2010 and there was no record of publication left), the staff is maintaining flexibility with the updated technology for this year’s publication.

This year Medinamites will be print on newsprint (the type of newspaper that actual newspapers are print on). Because of this progress in quality, a Medinamite will now cost $1 instead of 50 cents.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the publishing process, Medinamites will most likely be sold from December 12th to December 15th during all lunch periods, however this is subject to change. If you are not a student, but are still interested in purchasing a Medinamite please refer to the “Contact” section of our FAQ page.

This edition will include Medina community news,  features on MHS student life, highlights from both fall and winter sports, reviews of popular movies, restaurants and albums as well as diversions such as a word search and Sudoku puzzle.

Almost all of the stories in this edition are brand new. If a story from the online edition makes it into the print edition, rest assured that it has been revised or updated to maintain relevancy.