Gone Girl: Who did it?

Ashlynn Rodgers, Staff Writer

Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) is about to celebrate his fifth wedding anniversary with his wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike). Upon arriving home after a late night of work at his bar, he finds she is missing. Nick sadly has to report his wife missing. Under a crazy media frenzy and pressure from the local authorities, Nick’s life takes a turn for the worst. Soon after, he starts acting strange and lying to the police. Everyone is suddenly asking the same horrifying question: did Nick murder his wife Amy?

Gone Girl is undoubtedly the best movie to premiere in theaters this past year. It’s two and a half hours long, yet doesn’t feel that way. At no point is the film boring or drawn out. It delivers an intense and thrilling ambiance that keeps your eyes locked on the screen for the full length of the movie. What is interesting about Gone Girl is that the big reveal is in the middle of the movie, rather than the end. The film then builds on that reveal, adds in more surprises, and twists the plot in a way no one thought possible. The crew did a wonderful job telling the story while the keeping the movie intriguing. Predicting the endings of each movie is a normal thing to do as a viewer, but, at no point during Gone Girl could anyone tell how it was going to end or what was going to happen next. It left the audience clueless with anticipation.

Along with the storyline, the actors did a great job as well. Rosamund Pike in particular did an amazing job. Even listening to her voice while she read her diary entries was intense and gripping. What is really interesting about the film is that, at times, it came across as a dark comedy. The dramatic irony literally made audiences laugh out loud. The situations the characters got into were so messed up that in a way, it was humorous. Granting all this, there were a few plot holes and the ending wasn’t the greatest. But, Gone Girl is a wonderfully well-done movie. It’s incredibly interesting and a must see film.