Billy Beane goes from small market ball club market to team hero in “Moneyball”

Billy Beane goes from small market ball club market to team hero in

Nate Walker, Staff Writer

“It’s hard not to be romantic about baseball,” says Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane, played by Brad Pitt in the intelligently engaging Moneyball.

Once Billy Beane became the next general manager of the Oakland Athletics, all the players figured there would be a turn around. The film opens in a playoff elimination game between the Athletics and the New York Yankees. The Yankees end up winning the series, but half the battle is that the small market athletics have less than triple the amount of payroll than the Yankees. After the playoff loss, Beane meets with the owner and asks for more money to spend on free agents. Once he is turned down he decides on a whole new approach to putting a winning team on the field. He takes an analytical stance. Aided by his assistant Peter Brand, played expertly by Jonah Hill, who graduated from Yale, they start breaking down the system of statistics. He brings in players with the best on base percentage and most obscure stats; it is then that the Oakland Athletics take off. Every  team can’t believe it, but the A’s end up with a twenty game win streak. Billy Beane creates a unbelievable legacy for himself and the Oakland Athletic’s system is copied throughout the league.

I enjoy watching baseball – a lot. I go to games, watch games on tv, and I even listen to them on the radio. This movie created a whole different view of baseball for me.  The thing I liked about the movie when I watched it was the fact it gave a background on the game and how all the statistics were used. I really enjoyed getting to watch a movie about a small market baseball team making it big – on the largest of stages. The only con I have about the movie is that some parts were like the actual book. Overall, it is a must see – especially if you’re fan of baseball.