Our adventure yearbook


     The Medinian Yearbook is one of the most important things about Medina High School. With the new and exciting theme this year being ‘Our Adventure Book’, taking some inspiration from the Disney (2009) movie ‘UP’, the yearbook staff is very excited for everyone to see the final product.

     “People should buy a yearbook because it is a student-created production that we work really hard on and we really hope that everyone enjoys our hard work,” stated yearbook advisor, Miss Bolek (Hascher). The whole staff, consisting of almost 20 girls, works very hard all year long on each individual spread.

     “It’s very important because it’s made by your peers and you’re going to want to look back on it when you’re older,” said senior member, Emily Hahn.

     A lot happens over four years of high school. Being able to look back on it when you’re older will bring back all the great feelings and memories.

     “A lot happens during the school year and this is a great way to come back and reflect and see everything that goes on. A really good 20 or 30 years from now, you can look back to yearbook and reflect and enjoy all the really good moments and everything,” said junior member, Claire Leupp.

     The yearbook is $60, or $67 if you want it shipped to your home. You can also get it personalized with your name on the front for only $6 more. But wait. There’s more. For only $3 more than that, you can add four little icons by your name. These icons include your graduation year, sports, and various classes or events.

     The yearbook is a great investment. “It’s tangible so you will always have it forever. Plus we want everyone to be able to see it,” said senior yearbook editor, Kaitlyn Farnsworth. Everyone should see it.

     It may be slightly expensive for a high schoolers budget, but here’s why. At an average of close to 300 pages, plus a hardcover, and all the ink, each book becomes quite expensive. So there’s when your grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles come in.

     The process of making the book itself is quite a process. We use a program called Yearbook Avenue. Each member is assigned a different spread (2 pages) in which they get pictures for, which takes up time going to events and such. They also write captions, tag the individuals in the pictures, write the copy, and make it look good and all fit together. It’s a lot of hard work that takes time.

     In conclusion, buy a yearbook. It’s a lifelong memory book that your classmates worked very hard on.