Next step for seniors


Seniors are starting to prepare for the steps after graduation.

The Universal Application opened for seniors on Feb. 1 on Blackboard. The Universal Application is an easy way to apply for over 40 scholarships that are available to Medina seniors through local sponsors.

There are many types of scholarships available for seniors. “There are more than 40 kinds on there, so it’s kind of hard to categorize them into just one thing,” Medina High School Guidance Counselor Kristen Cavalier said. “There’s one for different sports, need-based ones, there’s merit ones, just all kinds.”

The form is available on the counseling page on Blackboard under the Scholarship/Other tab. The form must be filled out in one sitting, and cannot be reopened for editing. “Make sure to be careful and read everything,” Cavalier said. “Take your time and give your best effort.”

Although not all seniors are continuing their education through college, there are resources for all seniors on the counseling Blackboard page. “There is a whole tab on college and career,” Cavalier said. “If you’re looking for timelines, helpful information, different college and career websites, testing information, registration guide, all of that is on the counseling Blackboard page.”

Seniors should also take note of the new Capstone project. This project started on Feb. 6 and is a weekly event.

Every Tuesday from 2:30 to 3:30, a community member comes to speak to students about important skills they will use as members of the workforce. “You can hear somebody speak on jobs in Medina County, how to give a good interview, and things of that sort,” Cavalier stated.

For more information on upcoming events and deadlines, visit the counseling page on Blackboard.