May 8 – Medina Primary Election and the Emergency Levy


On the May 8 Primary Election, a $5.2 million substitute emergency levy will be on the ballot for Medina city voters. This emergency levy was passed in 2013 and expires on December 31, 2018.

It is important to know that the levy is not an emergency, but if passed it would help out the schools greatly.

The wording on this levy might confuse voters. Superintendent Aaron Sable attempted to clarify this at a school board meeting this month.

“It’s not an emergency,” Sable said. “It’s a substitute emergency, literally meaning it substitutes the emergency levy.”

Essentially, the taxes collected per homeowner with the new emergency levy would not change from the previous levy.

Homeowners with houses valued at a value of $100,000 pay $184 a year. Homeowners of $200,000 will pay $364 a year. This emergency levy would allow for the schools to operate how they are currently, and the district would receive additional revenue when there is new construction.

While not an “emergency” if this levy passes it creates stability for the future. If it is not passed, programs such as all-day kindergarten would be cut.

In any election, there is always uncertainty, especially when it comes to levies and what the district will do with the additional revenue they would receive.

One voter said, “I’m not sure yet. I voted for the ones in the past because I felt that it was worth it to invest in the schools and because my children attend school here.”

If the emergency levy were to pass there would be seven new classes added at Medina High School. These classes include Digital Art & Photography, Shop & Studio, Home Repair & Maintenance, Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Aerospace Engineering, French, and Marine Science.

These new classes set up great opportunities for students careers after high school.

When levies are passed in Medina, the schools are able to add classes such as these. Since the millage in this upcoming emergency levy is remaining the same, there really is no reason not to vote yes.

If this levy is not passed, financial stability for the future would be uncertain, and the District would face budget constraints. This would make it impossible for the schools to add new classes and they would have to cut programs due to the constrained budget.


Students can register to vote in the Senior Commons every Friday. However, you must register 30 days prior to the May 8 election day, in order to vote on the ballot.