A win for Mr. Petruzzi

A recap of this year’s Mr. Medina pageant.


Such as a senior girl is crowned homecoming queen in the fall, the title “Mr. Medina” is awarded to a senior boy who excels and has the best sense of character in his community. Anthony Petruzzi, captain of the varsity swim team, president of Improv Club, member of string orchestra (and a part of many other great things in the community) was chosen this year, winning with no lack of effort.

The selection process begins when a board of students and staff chose a final selection of five candidates from the various applicants of the senior class. The finalists compete in a pageant such as you would see for Ms. Universe. The chosen seniors from there compete in advertising themselves to their friends and classmates. The final five for 2018 included Austin Gambaccini, Mike LoSchiavo, Luke Leyden, Anthony Petruzzi and Jake Wickert.

In the first portion of the pageant, each senior had to write a speech that goes along with the theme of Ẅhat is the most influential genre of music?”. Ranging from movie scores and classic rock the one that stood out was Anthony Petruzzi’s choice of Disney princess music. Borrowing lines from the lyrics of “The Little Mermaid” and from the recent Disney movie “Moana”, Petruzzi split himself from the others.

“I felt that the underclassmen were the swing vote and since everyone likes Disney that’s why I did my speech like that,” said Petruzzi. 

In the next part of the pageant, each senior had to perform a talent. Austin with his escort Megan Varley performed an Irish jig to an Ed Sheeran song. Luke sang to the student body, listing every country in the world. Mike attempted catching fruits with his mouth ranging from grapes up to (almost) a watermelon. Jake performed Kansas’ “Dust in the Wind” on an electric guitar and Petruzzi succeeded in being a crowd favorite as he performed various impressions of cartoon characters, celebrities, and teachers at MHS.

Finally, each contestant had to dress up as a character that they relate to. Anthony dressed as Alexander Hamilton, Jake dressed as “Jake from State Farm”, Mike dressed as “the Joker”, Luke dressed as Peter Pan and Austin dressed as Spiderman.

Voting for Mr. Medina was available online all week for all students at MHS. The results were announced at the spring pep rally for the boy’s basketball team, as they were to play Solon that night. Anthony Petruzzi would be crowned as Mr. Medina of the 2018 class.

“It was really loud which was good to know that, that many people liked me. But if I could do it all over again, when I was brought out to the ‘M’(in the middle of the basketball court) to sing the alma mater, I wish that I looked around to see all of my friends to enjoy the moment more,” said Petruzzi. 

Without a doubt, as a new winner was selected to have the title of Mr. Medina, the finalists this year would not just be the runner-ups to being the best representation of Mr. Medina, but they will go down as great members in the community as well.