The call

A look at snow days in the MCS


Snow Day

Some say there is nothing better than getting the superintendent’s call in the morning informing the district that the schools are closed. The Medina City School District recognizes that weather conditions caused by snow, ice, or other weather emergencies can create a situation that makes it unsafe for students, parents, and staff to travel to and/or from school.

There are many superstitious snow day practices that people do such as; flushing ice down the toilet, wearing PJs inside out among other things.

To get a snow day, Freshman Ashley Griffith said, “I put a spoon under my pillow, pray and I check the snow day calculator to see if there is any chance that we’re gonna get a snow day.”

Senior Lauren Dietrich said, “I slept on the opposite side of the bed because I wanted a snow day.”

It can be super sad when you wake up in the morning to your alarm and you were expecting a snow day call that never came.

Since Senior Hannah Tonjes did not want to be downcast she said she, “just kept saying that we weren’t gonna have a snow day so if we didn’t get a snow day I wouldn’t be disappointed.”

When snow days do occur, students have a full day of possibilities because there is no school.

Tonjes stated, ¨On the last snow day I went to work, I filed my taxes and then I went online shopping. Then later in the day, my mom picked me up Panera.”

Senior Taylor Boyland said,“On the last snow day, I went to Target with Lauren and got Starbucks, but on the way there we got stuck in the snow.”  

Senior Tamara Zoldak said “I stayed home and did nothing at all. I just watched TV and shoveled the driveway.”

Griffith stated,“I sit in my bed all day and eat food. I also play the piano and I practice for Encore.”

Snow days can be a great time to catch up on sleep, tv shows, and movies.

Tonjes says that the best part of a snow day is sleeping in. She thinks the worst thing about a snow day is, “If you were supposed to have a test the next day, depending on the teacher you could still have the test that day. Also, teachers will just give you an extra day to finish your work but then they will pile on like three more things on top of it.”

Snow days sometimes mean having more work to do because you miss a whole day of learning, so some teachers try to catch up by giving out more work. 

Boyland stated that the only bad thing about snow days is, “the work that you were supposed to do on that day, meaning double the work on the day you come back.”

MHS has many different schedules depending on the occasion: early release days, assembly days, even a two-hour delay schedule. 

Math teacher and Student Council Advisor Mrs. Shannon Duncan stated, “We have a two-hour delay schedule, we’ve just never had one.”

The Medina City Schools District has seven possible snow days and six of them have been utilized so far.