Get to know the Spring Break Edition


The Spring Break Edition will be sold during lunches the week of March 19 to the 23.

It has been one year since we decided to bring back a print edition of The Medinamite. Although we’ve faced trials and tribulations, I know we don’t regret reinventing our own slice of print journalism.

To think at this time last year, we were formatting our paper on Microsoft Publisher and printing/collating it ourselves seems crazy. We’ve come so far in our editing and publishing process (we now send our paper out through and I cannot thank the staff enough for all the work they put in.

All funds made from the sales of the print edition goes toward breaking-even with the cost of production. Any additional funds made go straight towards the production of the next print edition.

I will now go over some basic reminders of what this edition holds and where one can purchase an edition.


The groups featured in this edition:

Medina Musical Bees, Bowling Team, HUDDLE/SHUDDLE, Medina Runs Down Cancer, Video Production class, Girls’ JV Basketball, Winter Record Breakers, Diving, Gymnastics Team, Speech and Debate, Encore Entertainment Company, Penguin Bowl, Staff Choice Awards, GSA, Poetry Out Loud, Medina City Teacher Association, Operation Smile Club


Letter from Principal Harrison, Editorial about class ranks, Review of “Black Panther”, Review of “The Greatest Showman”, Hallway Talk, Mr. Medina photos


Students can purchase a Medinamite for $1 during lunch (there will either be a staff member or volunteer going table to table, or there will be a table at the front of each cafeteria) the week of March 19-23. They can also purchase a Medinamite from the Hub or Media Center until our final edition in May.

Community members can contact us (see our FAQ page) or be on the lookout for upcoming announcements about Medinamites at local businesses.


Students can share their feedback on this edition by checking out our questionnaire under the “Students” tab on Blackboard.