What should students wear?

What should students wear?

Emma Park, Staff Writer

Opinions about uniforms and dress codes vary as much as the reasons for having them — parents seem to love them while students seem to tolerate them, at best. Nevertheless, many schools have jumped on the bandwagon despite students’ expressed concerns about their freedom of expression.

Comfy, cheap, and trendy leggings have become somewhat of a standard uniform for school-age girls. Unfortunately, like the short skirts and baggy jeans before them, leggings are the new target of school dress code in many different schools.

Younger girls often wear them as pants with little fuss, but as those same girls approach high school, leggings become a clothing accessory that grows increasingly controversial — and seemingly, the favorite new target of the school dress code. Leggings are a popular fashion item which serve as tight-fitting pants to some, and glorified tights to others. Yoga pants, along with other dress items, are one of the many dress violations banned in our high school.

Medina High School, compared to other schools in the county, has a relatively strict dress code for a public school. Our student handbook states, “Medina High School believes that pride in one’s self and school is often reflected in the way students dress. We as administrators, teachers, parents, students, and community, have the right to expect a higher standard of in the school atmosphere than if you were going to the park.”

Will students ever quit complaining about their dress code opinions? Or will dress code always be a heated debate between faculty and students?