“To have faith is to have wings”

“Peter and the Starcatcher” Drama Club production is a work of heart

     Medina High School’s annual spring play is under way. The play itself is the origin story of Peter Pan based on the book, Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. This play takes the viewers back to when Captain Hook had a hand and Wendy Darling was not yet born.

     Cast and crew has been working non-stop for the past few months in order to make sure everything is in line and ready for the performances. There are crews for each aspect of the play, including costume, props, light and sound, public relations, and stage crew. Every single crew works very hard doing their assigned responsibilities plus other various tasks.

     “We should get recognition because it’s hard work,” stated sophomore Monica Nikolai on set crew. Sweat, blood, and tears all went into this production.

     One of the biggest highlights of the play is the set. The ship they sail on for the first act of the play is the largest set piece, which practically takes up the entirety of the stage. Along with that are the trunks, leaves, walls, beach and other set pieces. 

     “[It’s] a lot of work putting together all the costumes, making sure that all the sets are up to par and that everything matches with the overall theme,” stated freshman Marian Gets, who is a part of the set crew.

     Most crew members really enjoy their job and make a habit of coming every day and even on weekends to work on the play.

     “I really love doing this . It’s a lot of fun working with all the people. They’re really nice,” said freshman Njemile Williams on costume crew.

     Along with the individual crews, the members very often find themselves helping other crews or even the actors and actresses.

     “I feel like overall, the actors are very respectful so it’s nice because without a crew, you can’t have a show. Though, I feel like a lot of people that go and watch the show don’t know all the effort that goes into it behind the stage,” said freshman Anna Fletcher on costume crew. “I hope everyone can come see it. I think it’s gonna be a great show.”

     The actors and actresses also work incredibly hard. Memorizing lines, perfecting their voice projection and getting their cues on time. 

     Even with all the responsibility,  the stage gives a sense of freedom and independence to some actors.

     “I like being on stage and I just like the fact that I can be whatever I can be. There’s no limitations on what you can do on stage,” stated sophomore Ryan Hughes who plays a mollusk, narrator, sailor, and a pirate.

     The actors like being on stage. The crew enjoys being behind the scenes. Everyone works together to make the show something that any audience would enjoy.

     “I really like all the cast and the crew and everyone being able to hang out and the comradery of it all. It’s fun being a part and being included,” stated senior Mckenna Dowd who plays school master Grempkin.

     Be sure to catch “Peter and the Starcatcher” this weekend in the Middle Auditorium.