One last edition

Screenshot of the Lucidpress website, in association with, where we build our print editions.

As I type this, our next print edition is projected to arrive Tuesday evening. If that holds true we will sell our edition this week as well as next week at the Hub and Media Center (lunches are TBD) for $1.

All funds made from the sales of the print edition goes toward breaking-even with the cost of production. Any additional funds made go straight towards the production of next year’s print edition.


But what’s in this edition?


Organizations featured: 

Student Council

  • March 14 walkout, “Save the Bees” initiative, Prom

Bees’ Baseball

Recycling Club

ICE Club (foreign exchange students)

American Sign Language Club

Young Americans for Freedom

National Honors Society

Students of the Month

Debate Team

Medina City Schools Foundation

Photos of all senior athletes/senior signings

Boys Rugby


Track and Field

Boys Tennis



Word Search

Review of new Chipotle on Route 18

Preview of “Avengers: Infinity War”

Review of YA novel: “Pretty Dead Girls”

Senior tips for freshmen

Medinamite Flashbacks: quotes/photos from different decades of Medinamites

Final letter from Editor-in-Chief Katie Salai