There’s a new tech store on the block

Riz Tech open on historic Medina square


Have you heard for the new tech store in town? Riz Tech opened on the square February of this year.

Deciding to open a store is a very hard decision but Medina resident, Jennifer Knapp, the co-owner of the store states, “Romantically we did a lot of our dating here, and we really started liking Medina and we have been talking about opening a business, and this place came along and we grabbed it.”

“You always have a favorite thing about a city. Just how vibrant and community focused it is. It is a really pleasant place to walk around and be,” stated Knapp.

So with the location secured, what to sell and what services to provide became the next focus. “The biggest question is, what is the top selling item in your store?” Knapp stated, “The Macbooks, the Apple laptops, I think all of the Apple products seem to be what people are really interested in.”  

Other things for sale at the store are “ both new and used laptop and desktops, accessories, stem toys, even jewelry made out of recycled computer parts, we try to carry a big range of everything,” Knapp said.

“We work to keep our prices low,” Knapp stated. “We can wipe the hard drive and reload windows for under $100. Our refurbished MacBooks start at around $150 for an older MacBook to over $1000 for a really powerful refurbished Macbook. PC Laptops start around $100. We also have new computers, desktops, and more.”

“Owning a business is a great accomplishment but there are a lot of difficulties,” Knapp states, “Probably because we are so new, just getting started, and getting the word out about us. You always have to imagine where your company is going to be in 5 years. In 5 years I anticipate having a second location, probably somewhere that kind of has this historic feel”, stated Knapp. They hope to open a store in either Akron or Wooster.

Riz Tech does offer computer services, full repair on Apple, PC computers and laptops. They trade, buy, or sell any refurbished or used computers.  Also Riz Tech will be offering computer class. ”This will be something that we will be rolling out either in 2018 or 2019, I’m not sure but for adults, seniors, and children, we will advertise them and people can sign up.”

Check out Riz Tech the next time your computer or electronic device is not working or just to see what they offer and welcome this store to our square.