Tailgaters celebrate as end of school nears

Class of 2018 sponsors hope to start a new tradition

On May 7, 8, 10, and 11, Medina High School had a Mountain Dew chugging, hot dog eating, slip and sliding end of the year tailgate week.

The tailgate week was not a school sponsored event, but it was put on by a group of seniors looking to celebrate the end of the year and provide a good time for everyone. The tailgate events, held before school starting at 6:00 a.m. were sponsored primarily by Andrew Horton, Hunter Havekost, Luke Hamel, Andrew Ellis, Dillon Friedrick, and Joe Freeman.

Each day the seniors provided a different food for students to eat. On Monday, it was ribs; Tuesday, eggs and pancakes; Thursday, fried turkey; and Friday, the classic hot dog day.

A lot of planning went in to the event, and seniors had been looking forward to it for months.

Senior Luke Hamel stated, “It was definitely worth it. We had this event planned for over two months so it gave me plenty of time to save up for it. Almost every single day all of the Mountain Dew was drank and all of the food was eaten so nothing went to waste.”

Hamel and the other tailgate commissioners spent upwards of $500 on the food, drinks, and TVs.

Yes, TVs.

On the last day the commissioners organized a 50/50 raffle which included two TVs, one brand new, and a D’s Homecut basket. The TV was paid for by the seniors and raffle tickets were sold all week in order to cut back on the deficit that the seniors faced.

The only regret Hamel had was that there were not any sponsors. He wished that he would have reached out to Mountain Dew, since almost 400 Mountain Dews were consumed over the four days.

As senior Dillon Friedrick put it, “Mountain Dew is just the craziest and most fun filled good time soda and it’s got some comedic value to it.” The comedic value being people cheering others on to chug a Mountain Dew at 6:00 a.m.

Students from all grades were encouraged to join the fun, and on the last day 200 students and a few teachers stopped by to go down the slip and slide.

Tailgate goer and MHS senior Max Schaefer said that tailgate week “was my favorite high school experience, there has been nothing else like it. Friday was by far my favorite day.”

On Friday of tailgate week, the seniors had organized a slip and slide, hot dog eating contest, and a 50/50 raffle. Dr. Justin Brantner and Mr. Simon Spelling kicked off the slip and slide fun by going down it first. Soon after, more people flew down the soap covered slide.

The class of 2018 hopes that Tailgate Week is a tradition that is upheld every year from here on out.

“If people can have the energy and time to do it then for sure go for it. I think everyone that was there or involved had a lot of fun with it,” stated Hamel. “We had great food everyday and just got to hang out with each other and make memories that will last a lifetime. And say in five years I’m scrolling on my Twitter and see people tweeting about a ‘Tailgate Week’, that would be pretty cool.”

Tailgate Week was a week filled with fun times and memories that will a long time. Whether it was someone chugging a Mountain Dew, cramming hot dogs down their throat, or going down a slip and slide at 6 a.m., Tailgate Week was unlike anything MHS has ever seen before.

The sun is setting on the class of 2018, but Tailgate Week is a tradition that hopefully will be carried on for years to come.