New adventures, thank you retiring staff!

The Medinamite would like to acknowledge and thank the three staff members that are retiring from Medina High School this year.

Mrs. Cathy Lasher has worked as Prevention Coordinatior for 28 years.

Mr. Robert Lundbeck came to MHS to start a second career, having worked in the private industry as a mid-level manager. Mr. Lundbeck taught math (geometry, algebra 2, and pre-calculus) for his first 14 years at Medina. The last eight years he has been teaching economics.

“I will miss the daily interactions I have enjoyed with thousands of students and hundreds of staff members in my time at Medina High School,” stated Mr. Lundbeck.

Mrs. Dorene Shirey retired from Michigan in 2014, with thirty years in. She has also worked as a teacher and counselor in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virgina, and Indiana. Mrs. Shirey has been a counslelor at MHS for the past four years. Now, she will be moving to North Carolina to be near her children and grandchildren.

“I have been so fortunate to have had a career I have loved and the honor of working with so many incredible students. I have had supportive colleagues, many of whom I have counted as friends,” stated Mrs. Shirey. “If Robert Louis Stevenson was correct in saying, ‘That man is a success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much’ then, I have had the pleasure of sucess. I am honored by the opportunity of sharing laughs and tears with students who I have loved working with. I definitely think my time at MHS is the icing on the cake of a career lived well. Thank you, Medina High School.”

Thank you Mrs. Lasher, Mr. Lundbeck, and Mrs. Shirey for all of your hard work at MHS. Best of luck in the future!