“Avengers: Infinity War” meets expectations

Jacob Novicky

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April 5, 2019
Connor Mutnansky

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Marvel Studios has done it again. Ten years and eighteen movies have culminated in one of the greatest battles to ever appear on the silver screen in “Avengers Infinity War”.

The movie premiered on April 27 and the biggest question that the Avenger fans had for the movie was “Who will die?”

The conflict in “Infinity War” is that Thanos, who has made an appearance in several other Avengers movies, is looking to capture all six infinity stones. If he succeeds with his plan he will be able to erase half of the galaxy’s population with one snap of his fingers. This will then create balance in the universe.

The movie begins following “Thor: Ragnarok”, with Thanos getting the second infinity stone from Loki in exchange for his brother, Thor’s, life being spared.

Back on Earth, The Hulk warns Iron Man and Doctor Strange that Thanos has the possibility of taking over the whole galaxy. The problem is that the Avengers broke up and haven’t spoken or teamed up with each other for 2 years.

Throughout the movie, Thanos demonstrates his completer dominance, like when he knocks out The Hulk. This contributes to a major negative aspect of the movie as The Hulk never make another appearance, which provided a lack of humor in the theatre.

Thanos who now needs the four other infinity stones, orders his team to go around the galaxy to find them. His big spaceship shows up on earth and everyone freaks out. Some of the Avengers meet up while Thor land on the spaceship of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Later, Thor makes it his mission to find a weapon that is so powerful that he can defeat Thanos with it.

There is so much to be said about this movie as a whole. To put all of these characters and storylines together gives it such a positive feeling, with Marvel being able to fulfill the balance and greatness of this event.

The best thing that came out of this movie was that it served more of an origin story for Thanos, giving the villian a backstory. This war is not over yet as part two is set to come out in May 2019, just a year after the release of this movie. Even as the full force of the Avengers seemed to be no match for Thanos in “Infinity War”, the hope for the Avengers is not lost as they will live up to their title and try to ‘Avenge’ the ones that they have lost.