Strings in the Park

Seniors’ Last Concert


What’s better than coming to the beautiful Medina Square on a wonderful day and listen to orchestra music?

Strings In the Park was a fun concert that the Medina High School Orchestra puts on in the Medina Square during a normal school day on May 18.

Savannah Kole, junior seventh year violin player stated, Strings In the Park “is for fun but also it’s so orchestra can have another concert with the seniors before they graduate.”

The event has become a tradition for the orchestra players at Medina. “We always do Strings In the Park in the Spring before the school year is over,” said Kole.

Lauren Dietrich, a senior ninth year viola player, stated that “we’ve been doing Strings in the Park since I can remember.”

Taylor Boyland, senior eighth year violin player, enjoys playing the Strings In the Park Concert because it’s “just easy fun music.”

During Strings In the Park there were many things that the orchestra members would do during the pieces to spice up the concert. For example, the members would hit bow’s, high five, hit the strings on their instrument, and say “yeehaw”.

The students really enjoy the orchestra and it seemed like every piece that was played in the concert seemed to be a blast to play.

Bethany Gal, junior sixth year violin player, stated “I enjoy playing my instrument and relaxing in orchestra.”

The people in orchestra are very well rounded. For example, many are in sports, other clubs at the school and have high grades on top of being in orchestra.

Jeremy Koci, sophomore fifth year cello player, thinks that “the people” is just one out of many things that keep bringing him back to orchestra.

Sheridan Metcalfe, junior sixth year cello player, feels as though the best part of orchestra is “the people.”

The members in orchestra love playing with the awesome people that they have met over the years that even the alumni come back to play with the orchestra.

Claire Johnson, junior sixth year orchestra member stated, that the best part of orchestra is “getting to hang out with friends.”

After the concert, the students that rode the bus were given pizza at the Square and were then taken back to school for the rest of their classes.

Koci stated that he would “ten out of ten would recommend” orchestra to his fellow classmates.

Orchestra and Strings In the Park both sound very fun and are highly recommended by members of the orchestra.

Gal and Johnson are both very excited for the Chicago trip next year, Gal states that “we take a trip for orchestra every three years and next year we’re going to Chicago.”

Orchestra is looking forward to the future and is happy to have a bunch of very hard working and talented students coming back to play for them.