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Yes! Medina voters approve renewal levy

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The Medina City Schools won the May election as the 5.2-mill levy passed on May 8. With a strong levy campaign, the Medina Board of Education emphasized the importance of working together with the community, with the continuous goal to improve the schools in the district.

“Last year we tried to implement new initiatives to be more open and interactive with the community, to be more a part of the community, with the community rather than a separate piece,” stated Superintendent Aaron Sable. “What we want people to know is that our doors are open; we are going to continue those kinds of initiatives.”

The levy campaign was a collaboration between the Medina Board of Education and Kids First Medina. Planning for the campaign began in August of last year. The Medina Board of Education really wanted to highlight their relationship with the community.

“It’s really important for us to build relationships,” stated Communications Director Amy Busby. “I think it not only creates a strong school district, but I also believe that it creates a strong community as a whole.”

With the levy passed, the school district is able to implement the strategic plan that they developed last year without having to increase taxes to the community. The continuous levy provides long term stability and a number of changes will be coming with it, starting as early as next school year. At the high school, students will see the addition of French and other electives in the fall. The changes that the levy will bring will affect more than the high school.

“Every school will be affected. Essentially what we are trying to do is create more opportunities for students with course offerings as well as lowering class sizes down at the elementary buildings,” Sable stated.

Trying to make the levy campaign as successful as possible, the BOE focused on the positive, rather than the negative things that could have happened if the levy wasn’t passed. Campaign planning took up a lot of time and energy for the people involved.

“A lot of time, energy, creativity and money!” stated Kids First Public Relation Co-Chair, Cathy Posner, about what it took to build up the successful campaign. “But, really, it takes a ton of volunteers and community partners to be involved in all the activities that take place leading up to the election,” she continued.

Levy campaign workers knew that they would have to put down plenty of work into the campaign, and make it something that really reached out to the community members.

“People receive information in so many ways now so we decided early on that just having community meetings and signs up around town wasn’t going to be enough,” Posner said.

If the levy hadn’t been passed during the May election, it would have been put up on the ballot in November.

While this campaign is over, Kids First Medina is a parent support group that remains active for the kids and families in our community.

“Kids First focuses efforts on information-sharing and fundraising,” stated Posner. “However, we see our role as more. Kids First Medina’s mission is to serve as ‘a grass-roots organization that has been created to inform and engage the community about promoting the students and programs in the Medina City Schools.’”

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Yes! Medina voters approve renewal levy