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OASC State Conference


The MHS Student Council members that attended the State Conference, including Cal

Ohio Association of Student Council State Conference is an amazing place where students learn how to accept themselves and others, while learning leadership qualities.

“State Conference is a meeting with schools from all over Ohio, where Student Council members can meet each other and share ideas,” stated sophomore Gigi Cox.

There are many workshops like the State Conference that occur throughout the year, including the summer, that help students expand their leadership abilities.

Freshman Student Council Representative, Isabel Belicka states that the conference has “made me care less, I’m trying not to hold myself back.”

The things that people learn from the conferences stick with them forever.

Carissa Hodoba, freshman Student Council representative stated that “State Conference is an amazing experience that allowed me to build a better relationship with not only members of my council but others as well.”

One of the speakers at the conference had a big impact on some of the students attending. Belicka thought that the speaker was the best thing at the conference.

“I was pleasantly entertained by the speaker,” she said. “He told intriguing stories and they had amazing messages.”

Medina Student Council members that attended the conference learned very helpful things throughout the long weekend.

“I learned to speak up more, stay true to myself, and not to let others opinions scare me and keep me from being me,” stated Belicka.

Many of the Student Council members attend these conferences to see the friends that they have made and to learn as much as they can.

“I learned a lot about problem solving and first impressions this time,” Cox stated.

Junior Student Council Representative, Ella Rasper, stated that she learned “communication, teamwork, how to use others strengths and organization.”

OASC State Conference has helped change the attenders for the better.

Hodoba stated that the conference has “made me step out of my comfort zone a lot. The support and friendliness of everyone there helped me do what I thought I never would.”

“The State Conference gave me an opportunity to become a lot more outgoing and willing to meet new people. I became a lot more comfortable presenting and talking to large groups as well,” said Cox.

The conference had many fun events throughout the weekend. One highlight for the Medina students was that Medina High School Student Council member, Sydney Cassel got on the OASC Board, which is a huge responsibility and honor. All MHS students were very proud.

“I went to a concert, listened to a speaker, went to workshops, watched awards ceremony, and watched as one of our members got sworn into board for 2018-2019,” Belicka said.

The students that went to the conference were put into small groups and stayed with a host family.

Cox stated, “I presented a workshop, attended other workshops, stayed with a great host home, and partied hard at the dance.”

When people go to the conference they plan to come back to their home school with new ideas and skills.

Cox stated that “I will bring back the leadership skills and positive attitude everyone has there” to the Medina Council.

“I will bring back the idea that in order to work efficiently you have to bond and have a friendly relationship to work more as a unit. It will not only benefit the council, but also the output of our work,” stated Hodoba.

There were many things that the students enjoy doing when they go to the conference.

Cox said, “Presenting a workshop with my BFF Sydney Cassel” was the best part of the conference.

Rasper stated, “We played games, did icebreakers, ran and did workshops, went to the dance that they had, watched movies with my roommates, and met new friends.”

Hodoba stated, “It was such an amazing leadership training experience.” She said that the conference “has made me look at things in a different way. The connection made with the people I’ve met there just within the three days is very strong. This shows me that if you just talk to people and be yourself you can truly make lifelong friends.”

The OASC State Conference truly is an amazing experience that helps students learn how to use the skills and abilities that they have and learn more.