How to Nail the Interview

Some say the hardest part of getting a job is simply finding one, but the interview is what can make or break you when looking for a job. Here are some tips how to nail that interview!

First, you must dress to impress, even if it’s an outdoor job or fast food position. Looking professional, organized and responsible is incredibly important to employers. First impressions mean a lot. Start with confidence. Let them know you are the one for this job!

Knowing the position and business you are applying for is important, so do your research. It’s great to know the background of the company. Being on time or even early shows a lot of responsibility and maturity. It also makes for a great first impression on whoever will be interviewing you. First impressions are crucial because they are hard to be overlooked. It sets the tone for the entire interview. While greeting the interviewer give them a strong handshake, and always make eye contact.

Once the interview starts they will probably ask you to tell them about yourself, make sure you are prepared to answer this question. During the interview try not to act nervous, fidgeting or playing with your hair or nails makes you come off as distracted or uncomfortable.

Mrs. Laura Stauffenger, a business teacher at Medina High School, offered some tips, “Sit at the end of your seat. Often when sitting back it seems like you are lounging. Sitting at the edge of your seat makes you seem more involved and interested in the interview.”

Stauffenger also suggested thinking of follow up questions before the interview starts. Have a game plan of what you want to communicate to the interviewer and how you can phrase what you want them to know.
A great trick while talking about your skills and strengths is to use examples. They want to know how you would use these skills and strengths in the workplace. They want to know how you will grow with the company. Stay away from acting like you know everything.

Interviews are nerve-racking, but just remember to always act confident and be ready for any questions they might ask.