Separation of school and social

Separation of school and social

Ashlynn Rodgers , Staff Writer

 A consistently debated topic in education has been whether or not to let students have their phones during the school day. Without question, social media is a big part of the average student’s daily routine.

Where should the school draw the line? At what point does social media interfere with students’ education? Is Medina abusing the use of the WiFi or is it a basic right?

Popular social media sites with the students at Medina High School include: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr and Vine.

Jared Holmes, a junior at Medina High School, has Facebook, Instagram, and a SnapChat account. He said, “I use them during school for non-educational purposes. As long as they don’t interfere with your grades, I don’t see the problem.” He continued with, “We shouldn’t ban social media on the (schools) WiFi because it’s just like The Swarm, they punished the student body instead of the select few that abused the power. Maybe talk to the student about paying more attention. I say, if the kid is doing well in class, don’t punish them.  If their grades are really bad and they’re on their phone, kick them out of the classroom.”

The trending new ‘buzz’ at Medina seems to be a new account on Twitter called @MHSStaffQuotes. Students send funny quotes teachers say during class to the account holders. Then the holder posts them on the twitter. The identity of the account holder remains anonymous. The account features classic sayings from teachers as well as the misunderstood and the bizarre.

After looking at some of the quotes on the twitter page, Jared said, “MHS Staff Quotes makes Medina’s reputation just worse, in general.”