Quick and clean

Quick and clean

Christine Jenkinson, Staff Writer

Should we set the rules for hygiene? There are good hygiene basics: washing hands after going to the bathroom, changing clothes, brushing teeth, and showering – all should be part of our daily routine. What many do not know is that having good hygiene is necessary to attending school.

Showering, deodorant usage, changing clothes, good oral health and washing hands are just some of the ways to remain hygienic.

Hygiene can also affect one’s lifestyle. For example: a job interview. There are two candidates, the first has perfectly clean clothes, minty fresh breath, and smells good like roses. The second has rumpled clothes, uncombed hair, and smells like a garbage can. What might the interviewer think as he or she sees the two applicants?

Hygiene literally means: conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness. This means that to have good hygiene, one must be clean and maintain good health.

“It means doing things such as brushing your teeth and washing your hair and body in the shower,” said MHS student, Brianna Gordon.

Kids with poor hygiene could potentially face consequences, some are medical as they may develop rashes and infections, but just as important, it could potentially lower a child’s self esteem.

“Either early grade school (parent’s haven’t taught them) or early teenagers (not aware of the need for more frequent showers and use of deodorant),” added Mr. Stepsis, an MHS Health teacher.

As many kids (and some adults) touch their face, it adds to their poor hygiene. Touching your face is a great way for bacteria to get in. Some age groups are better at maintaining good hygiene than others as there are different settings (home, school, sports, etc) and those settings have different “requirements” on hygiene.

“With sports, clean and dry clothing are needed daily. Extra socks are imperative. Powder is a good idea to absorb sweat in the shoes, and help with odor and skin vulnerability. Around family, brushing your teeth at least twice a day, using deodorant, only wearing clean clothing, and showering everyday is a must. The same goes for school. Clean clothing is needed daily, especially in physical education. Keeping an extra stick of deodorant in your purse or backpack is vital. Chewing sugar free gum can also be a way to keep your breath fresh and remove some of the odor causing bacteria,” said Mr. Charvat, an MHS health teacher.

“It is a responsibility because you are the one who must do what is necessary to help your body function properly and prevent illness and disease.  No one else can do this for you,” Mr. Stepsis said.

Many people have a routine when it comes to hygiene. When someone is not in their normal routine, it can be hard to maintain proper hygiene.

Essential to everyday activities and social interaction, good hygiene is one of the most important parts of our lives, so why ignore it? Maintaining proper health is not difficult at all, in fact, the best hygiene is quick and clean.