Looking forward to the future of Medina Girls Tennis

This is an image of Karsen Byrne, a Sophomore Junior Varsity player, practicing her serves.

Hannah Petrosky, Reporter

The ball is put in play. The player brings her racket back, ready to return. The return is strong, powerful. Determination overwhelms her as she forcefully keeps the ball in bounds. She can feel the win within reach as she hits the ball one more time, hitting a perfect forehand that the opponent cannot return. With that final set, she has won the match. As Medina High School’s Girls Tennis season comes to a close, players just like her are looking forward to next year’s season.

Medina High School’s Girls Tennis team was bigger than in previous years, with nearly seventy players, the majority being first-year players. During practices the players worked on their basic skills.

“This year we were working a lot on ground strokes and where to be on the court, especially with the Green and White Team (a mainly first-year players team),” Coach Snook said in regards to the team this year.

Attending practice is important to be part of the team, especially when starting out; players are advised to attend all practices possible.

Sophomore, and Junior Varsity player, Karson Byrne, stated, “I think we all need to improve on participation and attendance because it really does make a big difference.”

Not only do players and coaches think it is important to attend as many practices as possible, but also have players practice on their own.

“Off season work is important. They [the players] need to put in time, they need to play, and they need to be in shape. Skills and working on the off season will make them [the team] better,” Coach Colatrulio (Coach C) stated in regards to practicing,

Coaches and veteran players suggest that new players should come into practice with some skills.

Coach Snook stated, “Definitely come out to our summer camp and, if you don’t do that, get some lessons or do some kind of tennis camp so you can come in with some skills.”

Taking part in summer camps hosted by the Medina Tennis Team can help first year players by building a strong foundation for players.

First year players are expected to have a basic understanding on how the play tennis. Off season work is very important to the overall performance of a player.